I am The Vampyre Psykic. This is my dominion. I am an experienced fangsmith currently operating out of the Southern California area.

I make custom designed and fitted fangs from the highest quality dental acrylic available with much attention paid to the desires of the customer. I can create just about any style of fangs or teeth that you can imagine, and I'm always looking for new styles to create and/or replicate.

And I'm not only a fang maker, I pride myself on also being a fang designer. That means that not only do I replicate styles of teeth and fangs seen in movies and television, but I'm also able to design new styles to achieve a certain look. This is evidenced by the number of unique styles that I've already created, and I have many more that have yet to take form. I try to be a versatile fangsmith, covering a range of styles from the conventional vampyric to the demonic to the therianthropic/anthropomorphic and beyond.

To look as samples and prices for my work see the Fangs section of the site.

The Psykic Fangs Guarantee: I guarantee that if you purchase a pair of custom teeth or fangs from Psykic Fangs, then you will never need to spend money to replace them. If your fangs ever break for any reason, Psykic Fangs will replace or repair them, free of charge.


Fangs available at severely discounted prices!!
I have a number designs for fangs that haven't yet come to form. Some are things I've designed (and on occasion photo shopped some pictures of) for customers who never followed through. But most are just design ideas I've had, but never had reason to make. I find that most customers are disinclined to order a set without seeing how it looks on someone first, which is why I'm offering all these designs at such a discount. However, once I make and get a picture of the first set of each design, the price of that set will go up to normal. For example, if someone ordered the replica of Angels fangs from "Buffy: The Vampire Slayer" only the first person to order that style would get the discount. I also require that the customer have some way of getting me a picture of the set. So if you're doing an in-person appointment, I can just use my own camera, but if you're doing mail order, then you need to have a good quality digital camera with which to take pictures of the set. See the Fangs page for details on the available sets.

Fangs by mail order now available.

Psykic Fangs now uses the highest quality color matched dental acrylic from Lang Dental. For further information on this, consult the FAQ.


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