For personal appointments:
Im located in Downey, California; area code 90241. Further information will be given when necessary.

For mail order commissions:
These are the things I need for you to ship to me for mail order fangs

  1. I need a professionally made (that means done by a dental professional) positive dental cast of your teeth, top and bottom, trimmed and free of imperfections. Or a cast done with one of my D-I-Y Casting kits. It should be an accurate representation of the current state of your mouth. It should be made of either orthodontic stone or labstone (I personally prefer orthodontic stone). Try to package it in a relatively small box, and pack something soft (like newspaper or bubble wrap) around it tightly, you should be able to shake it without hearing the cast move.
  2. I'll also need you to include payment in full in either cash, check, or you can arrange to pay with paypal. Checks or money orders MUST be made out to "Cash".
  3. Your tooth shade in either jet shade or vita shade (this should be either a two digit number between 59 and 87, or a single letter followed by a single number respectively).
  4. The set you want (we may have discussed this in e-mails or through IM, but I still need a reminder to make sure I'm doing the right set for the right person).
  5. I'll need your shipping address.
  6. It'd be useful to give me your e-mail and/or IM SN (whichever you contacted me on) so that I can know how to contact you if I have any problems or questions.

To order the Do-It-Yourself Casting kit
The cost is $35 exactly with free shipping. Simply send me an e-mail with the size of your teeth (small, medium, or large, based on an average sized person) and your shipping address. I'll get back to you so that we can arrange payment.

For Film and Television:
Contact me to discuss details and travel arrangements.


I have no particular way I want you to e-mail me. I try to be as informal as possible, so if you have questions, feel free to ask them, Ill do my best to get back to you in a timely manner. If you know exactly what you want and you know you can get here, write to me, and well either schedule a time and place where I can make what you want, or I'll tell you where to send your cast for mail order commissions.


AIM SN: PsykicAssassin

Yahoo SN: The_Vampyre_Psykic



Psykic Fangs Copyright 2005 The Vampyre Psykic.