Vampire/Therian Resources:
One of, if not the best resources for vampyre information on the internet. Plus the webmistress happens to be a personal friend of mine.

SphynxCat's Real Vampires Support Page
Another great site for vampyre information.

Vampires of Eternal Night
Another Vampyre resource, this one devoted to the education of the general public as well as educating awakening vampyres.

A great organization for vampyres and otherkin.

Vampire Resource Exchange
A Newer Organization out of Orange County, devoted to the sharing of vampyre information around the world.

A Great website for information and forums about therianthropy.

Akhila's Nest
Another informitive website devoted to therianthropy.

Other Fangmakers:

Teeth by Dnash
This is the site for a fang maker that I have a great deal of respect for. He’s a very talented fangsmith, and partially inspired me to make fangs myself. I highly recommend him if you’re on the East coast.

The Vampires Dentist
A relatively new fangsmith in South Africa that I helped to learn the craft, though he picked it up so quickly that I barely needed to give anything more then tips and pointers. He's very talented with a passion for the craft, thus I highly recommend him for anyone who lives in that part of the world.

Friends of Psykic Fangs:
VK designed this site, she does photography, photomanipulation, other kinds of design, and she's an alt model.

Arc Angel Leather and Steel (adult link, 18+)
My friend Cheryl runs this site, and she is a rare find in the world of whips and floggers. The quality of her craftsmanship rivals the top leatherworkers in world, and her items are normally an astonishing value.

Dungeon Delights (adult link, 18+)
A great artisan for metal bondage gear. Dungeon Delights does things with metal bondage that I have seen no where else.


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