This is the gallery, here you will find photos of happy customers, fang models, and etc.

                                 Vincent Psykic:
                                 Your friendly neighborhood fangsmith.

 Vampire Kitten sporting the fangs I made her in exchange for this site. By the way, this is the un-retouched version of the pic next to my menu. VK is the webmistress of TrueForm Within. You can find more of her at Vampirekitten.Net.

Richard the RevRend attacking an unsuspecting wench at the Renaissance Fair, he's a friend of mine and an actor, I did his fangs.

This is Azrael. He's the founder of the Esoteric Temple of Set. This was during a StarWars/Sith photoshoot, photos by Vampire Kitten.

Professional gothic model Christina wearing her fangs on a photo shoot. You may recognize her as the girl on the right side of my home page. This photo is by photographer Bradford Pettigrew "The Hungry Eye."

 Desirae is awesome person who is also a huge vampire fan. She is wearing two frontal incisor traditional fangs.

                                                      LunaKitty with her "Ginger Snaps"
                                                     Replica fangs. She really pulls off Ginger well,
                                                     don't you think?


                                                          This is a client of mine named Sydnie at her High School





                                                                                                                                                              Brittany Rash wearing my work (left) at a party with her sister 
                                                                                                                                                              Nicole Rash (Nicole is the former Miss Indiana and 2008
                                                                                                                                                              Miss America First Runner-up).

Psykic Fangs Copyright 2005 The Vampyre Psykic.