[Q] Do you have any dental background? and how did you learn how to make fangs?
[A] No dental background. I'm self taught. I don't feel a dental background is necessary. as making fangs is somewhat of an art.  One is only working with a few chemicals and doing sculpting, and with some persistence and practice, one can learn how to do those things on their own. In fact I find that the best fangsmiths that I've seen are the ones who are self taught.

[Q] What do you use/how do you make the fangs?
[A] I first make a negative mold with dental alginate, which I then fill with orthodontic stone to make a positive mold. After which I make the fangs with dental acrylic onto the positive cast, which will ensure that they fit to your mouth (and if they don't I can use a drop or two of acrylic on the inside of the fang to safely refit them) After that I shave them down into the vague shape of a fang, have you try them on, then I'll go from there, being always concerned with making your fangs to your exact preferences.

[Q] How long does it take to make a pair of teeth?
[A] Well it takes about an hour to produce the positive cast. After that it takes roughly an hour per pair, I'm estimating high actually, if things go absolutely perfect, I can make a pair in about 15 minutes, and if there are a lot of problems with your teeth, it could take an hour and a half, so in terms of scheduling, allow an hour to produce a mold of your teeth and then an hour and a half for each pair, though keep in mind that it rarely takes that long.

< [Q] What kind of fangs can you make?
[A] Just about anything you can imagine. I've paid a lot of attention to fang styles in movies and such (I think more then most other fangsmiths), and I can make any style from any movie so long as the effect is just in the teeth, because a lot have whole mouthpieces that cover the gums, too. Basically anything you've seen, "Interview with the Vampire", "Underworld", "The Lost Boys", "Nosferatu", and even the styles from the "Blade" trilogy and "Tales from the Crypt: Bordello of Blood". Of course I am always more then willing to make something custom.

< [Q] My fangs broke, got damaged, or something completely out of the ordinary happened to them. Is there a Warranty or something?
[A] All my fangs come with lifetime repairs, so if one ever chips or breaks, just schedule a time to bring the pieces back to me and I'll repair or replace them at no charge.

[Q] Do you do color matching?
[A] Yes, I do. I use the highest quality dental acrylic in the full line of shades.

[Q] What if the shade of my natural teeth is in between the shades you carry?
[A] Well it should be noted that in most cases I can match within 1 or 2 shades of your natural tooth color (a difference that small would only be noticeable upon very close inspection under bright light). But if I can't match it to the exact right shade, then I'll use the next lightest shade, and if you want them absolutely perfect you can soak them in coffee, tea, or soda for a couple minutes at a time until they're perfect. One last thing I want to note here, is that your natural teeth change a few shades here and there depending on changes in your lifestyle (e.g. brush teeth more/less, change toothpaste, start drinking another brand of soda/coffee, quit smoking, etc.) so even if I did match the fangs exactly to your tooth shade, it's likely they'd only stay perfectly matched for a few weeks/months, after which your teeth will probably have changed color. Which is why I recommend wearing them frequently which tends to keep them closer to your natural tooth shade being as they tend to get stained the exact same color as your natural teeth the longer you wear them.

[Q] How do I care for my fangs?
[A] I recommend keeping them in a contact lens case. I will provide one for you at the time of appointment. I do want to point out that occasionally I've had people break their fangs by putting too much pressure on the fangs while trying to close the contact lens case. Keep in mind that you're fangs are weakest outside of your mouth, so be gentle when you close the case. Keep your fangs in water, as they tend to become more brittle if they dry out. You can brush them with regular toothpaste to clean them, try to be gentle when cleaning and try to get both inside and outside of the fangs. A short list of things that can harm/stain your fangs: coffee, tea, soda, whitening toothpaste, peroxide, fake blood, real blood, cigarettes, and pretty much anything else that might effect your natural teeth will probably effect your fangs. You can clean heavy stains with a regular denture cleaner, but DO NOT do this more often then is necessary, because the denture cleaner will make the acrylic porous, and thus more likely to break.

[Q] Can I eat with my fangs in?
[A] In theory, yes; in theory you can also shave your genitals with a blowtorch. What those things have in common is that both are very bad ideas.  I can't stress enough how much you should not try to eat with your fangs in. Consuming liquids is fine, but please don't eat anything that requires you to chew while wearing your fangs. The way the human mouth moves while chewing tends to knock the fangs lose and with a mouth full of food, you may not realize they've come out until you bite down on them and break them, or until you end up swallowing them.

[Q] Do you do mail order and if so, how long does it take?
[A] Yes, I currently offer fangs by mail order, although I always prefer working with the person being physically there to ensure the highest quality and realism. As for the time frame, I can usually manage to ship out a set of fangs within one week of receiving the cast. Particularly complicated sets may of course take longer, and of course a large workload (such as what I have approaching Halloween), will delay things quite a bit.  I normally ship by priority mail, so they usually get to anywhere in the US within 3 days of when I ship them.

[Q] How much do you charge for shipping when doing fangs by mail order?
[A] My policy is that if you pay for shipping to me, then I'll pay for shipping back to you. So you only need to include the price of the fangs themselves with your cast. However, if you need me to put a particular rush on things, I'm willing to overnight them to you, but that will come with additional cost.


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