About Psykic Fangs:
I started Psykic Fangs in 2005 as a way to make money while still having the freedom to live my life the way I desired, something many contemporary jobs didn’t allow. Originally I’d only wanted to make fangs for myself and perhaps a few friends, but after my first set (the “Underworld” replica) I noticed that I had a real talent for it (to date, no one has been able to tell that they weren’t real) and decided to look into making custom fangs as a career.

One of the first things I noticed after doing some research and asking around was the rather steep prices many other fang makers charged. Thus, I decided that I was going to make the highest quality acrylic fangs for the most reasonable price possible. To know more about pricing, go the the Fangs page, to know more about fang making materials or the process, consult my F.A.Q. page.

About Vincent Psykic:
Personally: I tend to be a thoughtful and spiritual person, although it usually doesn't show when someone first meets me. I consider myself an ascetic and a stoic, and I'm perpetually working to improve in those areas. I have strong ideas about environmentalism and conservationism, which would probably be considered radical by most in the mainstream. I'm sometimes reclusive, but I usually like to be around others, and I wish I could do so more often. My aesthetic is typically goth/vampyric, although I don't really go too overboard with it, and I try to keep it toned down in everyday life. I only really dress up when I'm going someplace where it would be appropriate. Those interested in knowing more about me, or who wish to contact me for personal reasons unrelated to my business can check out my personal myspace page at: http://www.myspace.com/vincentpsykic (to repeat that, I am giving out that link for those who want to contact me for personal reasons unrelated to my business).

Professionally: I tend to think of myself as an artist more then an entrepreneur. I do this job because I enjoy doing it and I enjoy the people it enables me to meet. I try to be in this more for the people then for the money, and I think that's reflected in my business policies. I've never really been too fond of businesses that have making money as a higher priority then making a quality product or pleasing their customers.

My Vampyrism: I'm naturally sanguinarian, but with some effort, I've developed the ability to sustain myself entirely through psi feeding. I awakened about 5 years ago, and I immersed myself in research and in the community since then. I tend to be open about my vampyrism, though by no means do I flaunt it. I'm always willing to educate anyone who wishes to learn. I always try to explain things in a simple and logical manner. I tend to be a scientifically minded, so I usually try to explain that most vampyric beliefs are just theories used to explain observable phenomenon within ourselves. At this point my vampyrism isn't a very large part of my life, and doesn't define who I am. It's simply something that's been integrated into who I am as a person.

My involvement with the community: I'm a contributor to Sanguinarius.org and to Vampires of Eternal Night (there are links to both in my links page).  I began and was heavily involved in getting real vampyrism included on a site called religioustolerance.org (by the way, I don't consider vampyrism a religion, religioustolerance.org is a very large site {150,000 unique visitors a week} with general spiritual information about nearly every belief system you could imagine, it's not just religions, but spiritual beliefs as well, and I do consider vampyrism a spiritual belief. And I think that having vampyrism included on such a large, unbiased general spiritual site would be a big step towards showing that our beliefs are legitimate), they haven't yet written an article, but they've made a commitment to do so in the future. UPDATE:the article has in fact been written, and I feel it came out quite well, you can read it here.




Psykic Fangs
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